I originally created the product as a facial serum. On paper, it looked like the fountain of youth! Until I grew 4 pig whiskers on my lip and a rouge hair 1/2″ away from my hairline on my forehead!

Check out Natalie’s results! Just 12 weeks, before and after, no mascara.

Luscious Lashes is applied with it’s in the top eyeliner brush to the roots of both top and bottom lashes as well as eyebrows each night.  With consistent use, in about 3 -4 weeks you will notice an increase in length. In 12 weeks you will be stoked! Thicker and longer lashes!

Each bottle contains 10ml; enough for 3 months of consistent use and another 3 months using once a week.

Ingredients: The carrier is 90% Organic, cold pressed Jojoba oil, 10% Organic Hemp seed oil blended with 7 exotic plant essences we distill in our lab.  (US patent pending)

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