Dragon’s Blood, aka Sangre de Grado or Sangre de Drago… or as known in Costa Rica “Targua” (croton lechleri). This medicine is a red sap from a fast growing rainforest tree. The sap looks much like blood. This sap can be used internally and externally. It is anti-cancerous, useful for ulcers, allergies, inflammation, immune deficiencies, digestive troubles, herpes virus, HIV, colitis, diarrhea, infections, and more.

Dragon’s Blood is anti- fungal, viral, bacterial, and septic. It can help in healing the notoriously damaging leishmaniasis infections, as well as other flesh wounds and infections. It is a very bitter and astringent medicine, best used internally when mixed with water. Most internal applications will call for 10-15 drops in water 2-3 times per day. Use externally on wounds, infections, and other skin issues.  When used externally on the skin, Dragon’s Blood dries to form a “second skin”. It seals the wound or cut. When washing it off it is best to use warm water to help soften this strong second layer that the medicine helps create.


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