An extremely effective protocol of 4 blended tinctures, each extracted from the precise alcohol percentage required for optimal strength.

Black walnut: 30%
Artemisia (aka wormwood): 30%
Clove: 30%
Chanca piedra (Phyllanthus niruri): 10%


  • Take 7.5ml (1.5 teaspoons), twice a day  (AM and PM) mixed into water for 7 days
  • Then take a break for a week
  • Repeat 7.5ml (1.5 teaspoons), twice a day  (AM and PM) with second bottle for 7 days.
  • We recommend taking the parasite cleanse once or twice a year.
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Parasites are much more common than you think, and they affect those living in developed countries.

In fact, the Center of Disease Control estimates hundreds of thousands of Americans are infected, and many don’t even know it! That’s because our immune system works to suppress the damaging and uncomfortable effects of these nasty foreign-bodies that can come in a variety of forms. Parasites can hook into your intestines and feed on your blood, eat up your vitamins and nutrients, and leave you with all kinds of digestive problems.

These foreign-bodies live in/on fruits and vegetables, undercooked meat, and contaminated water.

The Bad News: You can live with parasites for months and even years. You might be experiencing digestive irregularities and completely change your diet, experience bloating and acid-reflux and start taking antacids, or you might simply experience constant fatigue despite your best night’s sleep.  Unfortunately, almost everyone has intestinal parasites to one degree or another…

What are the Symptoms?

According to the University of Maryland Medical center, parasites can cause the following symptoms:

Abdominal pain
Nausea or vomiting.
Gas or bloating
Dysentery (loose stools containing blood and mucus)
Rash or itching around the rectum or vulva
Stomach pain or tenderness
Feeling tired
In extreme cases; Weight loss and anemia

Note* Some people will experience a slightly dull headache on about the 3rd day. It is caused by the die off of adult parasites giving off toxins that are absorbed into your bloodstream.  Whether you get a slight headache on about the 3rd day or not, means only that you are sensitive to the toxins. Fortunately, it is a short annoyance.

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