• Repel ants (even army ants), millipedes, cockroaches and spiders.
  • Safe for dogs and cats.
  • Used inside and out.

A simple formula made from isopropyl alcohol, distilled water and essential oils of predominately Saigon cinnamon and peppermint. Spray your exterior windowsills, door thresholds, ceiling corners prone to spiderwebs, under the sink or any place you think they may be entering your home.  You can also use Home Bug Off to clean counters and do double duty of repelling annoying ants and disinfecting counter surfaces.

I once used Home Bug Off when army ants were approaching my home one evening. Normally, I do not mind them coming in and cleaning house – removing other insects and scorpions that may be living inside the walls. It was getting dark and this was simply not a convenient time for me to leave the house for an hour or two.

I sprayed a line down my carport between them and the house. I continued the barrier all the way to the end of the drive way. The ants literally made a 90 degree turn at the wet line on the concrete and marched down the driveway and across the street. Not one army ant came inside and I slept like a baby. Life in the jungle is never boring!

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