• Stimulates lymphatic system
  • Treats edema
  • Kidney, bladder and liver health
  • Heals skin ulcers
  • Calms gastrointestinal and urinary tracts
  • Weight loss
  • Treats post-menstrual symptoms
  • Relieves congestion of breast
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Treats eczema and psoriasis

Cleavers is a mild diuretic and blood and lymphatic cleanser that is specified for psoriasis and other skin conditions. It has a particular attraction for the lymphatic system and may be used for swollen glands, tonsillitis, and as a lymph tonic. In Chinese medicine cleavers are used to disperse stagnancy and inflammation and for urinary problems. Listed below are few of the health benefits of cleavers

Stimulates lymphatic system

Cleavers herb has been found to improve the health of the lymphatic system. This includes reducing inflammation of lymph glands and cysts in the breasts. Cleavers herb also helps to reduce swelling and inflammation by clearing excess waste and water from the body, assisting to reduce instances of edema. Cleavers herb can be used on its own or in conjunction with Echinacea and marigold to help stimulate the lymphatic system.

Treat Edema

Edema is caused mostly due to the stimulating effect of the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system of your body clears all the waste from your body. As per many expert herbalists, cleaver has an effect on swollen glands and cyst. Therefore, it can work to reduce the swelling in your body.

Kidney, Bladder and Liver Health

Diuretic properties of cleavers herb help to flush out wastes, toxins, and excess water from the system improving the health of your kidneys, bladder, and liver. Cleavers herb may also help to dissolve kidney stones and prevent the development of fibrocystic tissue.

Heal skin ulcers

Ulcers are majorly caused by bacterias. Cleaver has anti-bacterial properties that can easily kill the bacteria’s and provide you an absolute cure to ulcers.

Calms the Gastrointestinal and Urinary Tracts

Cleavers shows anti-spasmodic properties on the urinary and digestive tracts. It offers an effective treatment for irritable bowel syndrome and interstitial cystitis. Cleavers help get rid of and dissolve kidney stones. It also reduces the presence of fibrocystic tissue in the kidneys.

Weight loss

Cleavers have properties to reduce the absorption and digestion of fat in your body. When the fat is not absorbed by the body, you won’t gain fat on your stomach, sides or guts.

Treat Post-menstrual Symptoms

The post-menstrual symptoms such as sore breasts and water retention, mood swings, etc. can be cured by using cleaver.

Relief from Congestion of Breast

This herb is beneficial for providing relief from congestion in the breasts. If you have sore breasts, mild breast pain, or any form of lump in your breast, cleaver can help you relief such issues easily. It does so as it acts on the lymphatic system and eliminate any swelling in your entire body.

Lower Blood Pressure

Cleavers is very effective in lowering blood pressure as its extract help in thinning of the blood. Thinning of the blood lets a greater blood circulation which in turn normalizes the blood pressure. If you are on blood thinning medications, you should not use cleaver as it will further thin up your blood and cause greater health risks.

Treats Eczema, Psoriasis

This plant is also known to help a lot in treating conditions like eczema, psoriasis, seborrhea, boils and abscesses. The plant has skin-fortifying properties and acts to relieve the symptoms of issues as it has anti-inflammatory, anti-healing, and redness reducing properties.

Beneficial for Skin

Cleavers herb helps to improve stubborn inflammatory skin conditions such as psoriasis by reducing inflammation. Cleavers herb may also improve the skin by treating eczema, acne, sunburns, and wounds. To soothe skin irritation with cleavers herb, you can make a healing poultice to apply directly on the affected area. Some herbalists recommend that fresh cleavers leaves help stop bleeding and accelerate the healing of wounds, burns, and cuts.

Prevents Wrinkle

Cleavers is used to make an excellent facial wash. The facial wash helps in tightening the loose and saggy skin and also prevents future wrinkling. It is highly effective to slow down the progression of skin-aging by clearing it up from inside and providing the essential nutrients required by your skin.

Reduce Swelling

Cleavers is widely used to treat edema and other forms of swellings. Cleavers are known to have a beneficial effect on swollen glands and cysts. You should undertake Cleavers tincture as a treatment if you’re suffering from problems like sore breasts and water retention during the post-menstrual syndrome.

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